Smile Makeover Birmingham

We are a smile makeover specialist which some people call a smile stylist, but as our name (ChathaSmiles) implies our goal is to give our patients improvements to their smile which, in some cases, can be dramatic.  We know from what our patients tell us, great looking teeth increases personal confidence and eliminates smile inhibitions, which means they smile more often!

Sometimes just straightening and aligning teeth can make a major difference to a person's appearance but everyone is different and some people may need more work to achieve the look they want.  We offer free smile makeover appointments during which we will outline your treatment plan, time scale and cost.

Getting A Great Smile

Following a free Consultation we will have talked through a treatment plan with you so nothing will come as a surprise .  We should also say that many people are nervous of all, or any, dental treatment and we take the time to discuss any concerns and help patients through their nervousness.  We've even got testimonials from patients who say they enjoy coming to see us for their treatments, yes, really!

All teeth are different and as such our work plan will have been custom designed for each individual.  Treatment may involve:

  • Gum disease treatment
  • Braces, worn for several months
  • Implants to replace missing teeth
  • Crowns to repair damaged teeth
  • Veneers (for presenter type smiles)
  • Teeth whitening (to remove discolorations on some teeth)

Some people will gain major benefits from a course of brace treatment alone, but it all depends upon the starting point and just how much of a makeover the patient is looking to achieve.  We offer advice but of course we fully accept that all treatment decisions are ultimately down to the patient.

Sometimes it is a major event such as a wedding that provides the stimulous that a person needs to seek improvements to their teeth and if this is your situation then please appreciate that makeover's can take several months, or up to a year to complete. However, we have completed major work in just 6 months so don't be put off, take the first step and book an initial appointment now.



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