Chatha Smiles Pricing

We provide the pricing information on this page as a guide.  Normally, our pricing will be as detailed here but, in complex cases, the cost may be higher due to complications that may mean two, or more treatments are required instead of just one.

We know that no-one likes nasty surprises so we will always be up-front about the cost of treatment following an examination to determine what precise treatment is required.

A guide to our pricing

Item Charge
(Registered Patient)
(Non-Registered Patient)
New Patient Examination/Re-Reg Fee   £50
Small X-Ray Radiograph £10 (may need 2 on first appointment)
Oral Examination £38 (child £19) £50
Scale & Polish £57 (child £28) £79
Airflow £57 (child £28) £79
Den Plan    
Emergency Appointment £35 (child £17.50) £88 Adult (£44 Child)
Composite Filling £110 - £210
(depending upon size)
Glass Ionomer Filling £94 - £189
(depending upon size)
Extractions £131  
Crowns £788  
Veneers £650 - £750
(depending upon type)
Cobalt Chrome Dentures £800  
Valplast Dentures £735  
Dentures PL
Dentures Full
Dentures F/F
Denture Repair £126  
Root Canal £368+  
Dental Implants £2,400+
(to be advised
after examination)
Home Teeth Whitening System £295  



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