My personal lifestyle change

I am writing this because all over this website you will see comments and feedback from people who have changed the way they feel about themselves and getting an improved smile has been part of that change.   I love my work as a dentist but this article is not about me getting more patients, I really do want to inspire all to be positive about their lives and do whatever it takes to get into the best frame of mind.

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This is my personal story ...



My Story

This is my personal story of how (and why) I decided on my own lifestyle change.

Sometimes things happen that can derail you and feel you need to regain something you have lost.   I speak from experience.   Six years ago I let myself go, my focus was my work which I love, and transforming other people ...  but I lost sight of my own well-being.

Working long hours, combined with a poor diet (despite thinking I exercised enough), coupled with a back and shoulder injury, I gained 4 stone! (about 56lbs)

Here I was trying to motivate patients to improve their dental health, smile and well-being whilst I was doing the opposite in my own life.

I had to make a change ...

I lost the weight through diet and exercise and kept pushing myself to improve - which I did! (see the 'MyStory' pics on instagram, below).

I went from 250lbs to 190lbs and, if you're ready to follow my personal transformation, then:

What has all this got to do with teeth ? Your teeth are the first thing you see when you look in the bathroom mirror in the morning.   It's how you greet every new person you meet.  Changing your smile can be the first step in feeling better about yourself and gaining that overall self-worth which in turn can drive you to make other changes in your life:

  • Change your eating habits
  • Apply for that promotion
  • Focus on yourself
  • Motivate and organise your life

Get Inspired

Maybe it's about motivation to change the circumstances they are in, sometimes it's about how they feel about themselves, or others.   It could be that after many years of hard work at a job they love, they have neglected another part of their life.   Maybe they have put 100 percent into raising children and now feel it's time to direct that attention on self-improvement.  

I hope by sharing this brief story, some of you may get inspired and want to embark on a similar journey.  Take my challenge, make a move to change your life in whatever way you think will make the most difference to you.

As I've said, this is my personal story and like anything that is hard to achieve, I had to push myself to make the change.   Over the years, I have helped hundred's of people change their smile and improve their overall feeling of self-confidence.   If you want to make a lifestyle change then one of the best things to start with, is your teeth.   Call now for a free consultation and take YOUR first step to improving your well-being, starting of course, with your smile!

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