Dental Implants Birmingham

Dental implantation (tooth implants) is very modern dentistry.  To replace a missing tooth (or missing teeth) with one that both looks like the missing tooth and is also as strong, is a very modern technique that has now become commonplace.

The procedure does take a small number of months to complete but the result is even better than the original tooth (in many cases).  Implant procedure is subject to examination and dependent upon the strength and structure of your jawbone.

Dental Implants

These days having one, or several dental implants is a fairly common procedure.  Teeth implants are custom made to match the colour of your teeth and because the socket for the implant is fixed to your jawbone, the implant is as strong as all your other teeth. You can either have a single implant to replace one missing tooth, or you could have all your teeth replaced if this is necessary. The deciding criteria for fitting implants is the state of the jawbone which must be healthy to support the titanium screw that will form the socket for the implant. See the illustration below:

Is It Painful to have an Implant?

Placing an implant is usually less painful than having a tooth extraction and the procedure is done under local anaesthetic. Clearly if you are having several implants then the treatment will be phased so as to minimise discomfort during any one session. Here at Chatha Smiles, we are acutely aware of the fear and concerns that some patients have about treatment so we go to great lengths to make you as comfortable as possible. Taking such care does take extra time, but we would rather treat one less patient a day if that means having happier patients who will recommend us to others.

How long does it take to fit an Implant?

After the titanium screw is fitted into your jawbone, there will be a delay of around 3 - 4 months whilst the bone grows around the screw after which time the tooth (cap) is then painlessly fitted. In some cases it is possible to fit an 'immediate implant' but we would need to examine you to decide if this is practical.

If you have a missing tooth or are perhaps fed up with loose dentures, come along and have a chat with our Principal Dentist, Dr Gee Chatha. He will examine you and then discuss what treatment options are open to you and of course he will be delighted to answer all questions you may have. We offer interest free finance (subject to Terms & Conditions) to support your treatment and in fact we will try and make the whole procedure as painless as possible, both to your jaw and pocket!  See our pricing page for dental implants cost.  To take the first step towards your implant, click the 'Make Appointment button' below.



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