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This page on our site is here to cover regular dental procedures and treatments (so non-cosmetic procedures)
If you need a filling, extraction or perhaps just a check up and clean then please review this page.

We offer a wide range of General Dentistry treatments and some are outlined on this page.  If you need to make an urgent enquiry then please call, or email us; we appreciate all enquiries.

We are a Private Dentist in Birmingham city centre

We are not part of the NHS and take patients on a fee paying basis depending upon the treatment required.  Our charges are set out on our pricing page which you can view HERE.

If you are interested in Chatha Smiles providing ongoing care and treatment for your teeth then please Register with us.  The Registration fee is £50 (for adults, children £25) and we will carry out a 'New Patient Examination' to determine what, if any, treatment you require.  All Registered patients receive a discount off our standard pricing and appointments are easier to make because we will have your details on file from the Registration examination.

Dental Plan (for regular teeth maintenance)

If you join our Den Plan scheme for £15.60 per month, you will get:

  • An Oral Examination every 6 months
  • A scale & polish every 6 months
  • Up to 4 X-Rays per year
  • 15% off any treatment you may require

Regular cleaning and checkups should ensure that you have no nasty toothache surprises.  We will be able to advise you during a checkup if a tooth (or teeth) are causing concern.  As with all health matters, the sooner a problem is detected we can take early remedial action to avoid ongoing deterioration.  Treatment at an early stage is usually minor and, since adults only have one set of teeth for a lifetime, keeping them in good health is vitally important


Teeth X-Rays (Radiographs)

A Radiograph is a digital image generated from an extremely small dose of an X-Ray beam that shines through soft tissue, your gums and teeth.  An Intraoral radiograph taken from inside the mouth (the most common type of radiograph) enables us to look at your teeth roots to see if any condition is developing that gives rise to concern - again early treatment is vital to a long tooth life.

The X-Ray dose for a radiograph is in the order of 8 or 9 micro-Sieverts for each intraoral X-ray which is very low.  Did you know that your body receives around 3,000 and 4,000 micro-Sieverts of radiation every year depending upon where you live.  So, while dental X-rays do involve radiation, the dose is so low that this procedure is considered safe for both adults and children.


Oral Examinations

Our oral examinations are carried out to determine if there are any issues with your teeth, gums or 'bite' that need remedial treatment.  Gum disease will seriously affect your teeth but this condition can be easily treated if caught early.  Clearly, the oral examination is meant to maintain your teeth in good order as part of a healthy approach to life.

'Bite' is a term used to describe how well you upper and lower teeth line up together.  An 'Overbite' is where your upper teeth protrude over your lower ones and 'Reverse bite' is for the opposite condition with your lower teeth.  Both these conditions may be causing you mild pain or headaches and also cause mild discomfort opening and closing your mouth.  The good news is that we can treat all 'bite' conditions and you will get the added benefit of a better look smile.


Tooth Filling

When a tooth becomes infected a cavity can develop which, if untreated, will probably lead to serious toothache and may result in the loss of a tooth.  The first part of any tooth filling treatment is to remove the diseased part of the tooth using a drill or grinding bit to clean out the infected area.  This work is carried out under a local anaesthetic which is a drug to numb any pain and this is injected into the gums by a needle.  Side effects to dental anaesthetic are very rare and normal feeling usually returns within 1.5 and 2 hours.  To minimise the feeling of the needle penetration we will dry part of your mouth with air or cotton and then swab the area we're going to inject with a gel to numb the skin.  These days, most people do not even feel the injection.

There are various materials used for fillings, we use composite or glass ionomers, both of which are tooth coloured and as such blend in.  The cost of the filling will depend upon the size required and also the amount of preparatory work we have to carry out before the fitting.  We will talk you through the merits of both types of filling and ultimately it will be your decision about which material is used.


Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extractions are of course, a last resort.  Unfortunately, when a tooth and root has deteriorated beyond repair, then extraction is the only option.  Severe pain can be experienced from an infected tooth that causes an abscess to form around the root and this abscess can also make you feel generally unwell.  Should you get an intense throbbing pain that becomes worse when lying down, you really should make an urgent dental appointment.

Sometimes a tooth needs to be extracted to prevent it from damaging other teeth or perhaps to make more room for other teeth that need to be realigned.  We always fully explain the reason for any extraction and again, this is done using local anaesthetic and we endeavour to minimise the discomfort.


Root Canals

A root canal is a dental procedure that is carried when a Radiograph confirms that the center of a tooth (called pulp) has been infected and is starting to die.  Without treatment the bacterial infection will spread through your root canal and may infect other teeth.  After the bacteria has been removed the center of the tooth (and root) will be filled and it may also be necessary to fit a crown to completely seal what's left of the tooth.  If the root canal is successful then the tooth may survive for up to 10 years after the treatment.

If you want to avoid suffering a root canal then good dental hygiene is all that's necessary.  Try not to consume too much sugary food and ALWAYS brush your teeth (preferably twice daily) with a good quality toothpaste that contains fluoride.


Teeth Whitening

Many people suffer from discoloration of their teeth caused by smoking, coffee or tea and some spices (such as turmeric, which is good for your health, but can cause a yellowish tinge).  Teeth whitening treatment can make your teeth look whiter and more healthy, which is why this is a popular treatment.  Teeth whitening normally involves 'bleaching' which is a process that can lighten your normal colour by several shades.

Teeth whitening is a safe process and we sell a kit that can be used at home over a period of time.  We explain how the kit is used and how you can protect your gums so if you're interested in whitening please do come and discuss it with us.


Teeth Cleaning

We offer our Den-Plan patients two scale & polishes each year.  During this process we will remove plaque bacteria which can form in hard to reach areas with a brush and this bacterial build up is also referred to as tartar.  This is a hard material that is scraped away using hand held tools that are designed for this purpose.  Once tartar is removed we will then 'polish' your teeth to make the outer surface really smooth which protects against renewed bacterial build up.

We will, of course provide this treatment to any patient requesting the procedure and the cost is £57 for patients registered with us (£28 for children).  Should you not be registered with us and you have not had an examination over the last 2 years, the cost would be £79.



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