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Dentists in Birmingham - We are located in 'The Lewis Building' (Minories Shopping) and we were formerly known as 'The Dentist In Town'.  We primarily focus on Smile Cosmetic Dentistry which is why we've changed our name to Chatha Smiles.  Our Principal Dentist is Dr Gee Chatha so yes, you now know why we're named Chatha Smiles!

Our work ranges from general dentistry such as fillings, extractions, root canals, the treatment of gum disease through to full smile makeover's which may include braces, bridges, crowns, veneers and teeth whitening.  We want all our patients of all ages to enjoy good looking, healthy teeth so if you're looking for a dentist Birmingham city centre then do please get in contact.

Smiles Dentist Birmingham

Having carried out many cosmetic treatments I'm always gratified to see how the end results affect patients. The elation a patient feels when they see their new smile is infectious and these feelings affect not only to me, but all my staff and this is what makes our job so rewarding.

Our Dental Clinic in Birmingham is dedicated to providing the very best in family dentistry. Whilst we already have an excellent reputation in Birmingham I want to build on this by attracting many more patients to our practice. We already have some patients traveling from different parts of the UK for treatment so yes, we are in an expansive phase.

On our HOME page you will see a set of example 'Success Stories' which feature 'Before' and 'After' pics to illustrate the difference great looking teeth make. You will also see many testimonials from patients who, in their own words, describe the type of treatment and results that were achieved. Again, truly gratifying and a big "Thank You" to all patients who took the trouble to provide this feedback and also for allowing their comments and pics, to be viewed on this site. When you're in the business of providing first class treatments and also building a growing practice, this feedback is essential.

Whilst I'm not fanatical about it, I am a promoter of 'feeling good about yourself'. You can see this from my own story which you can find here: GET INSPIRED

Looking to get inspired yourself? I would love to feature other 'my-story' pages on this site. Perhaps this could be the motivation and goal setting you need to take a life changing step yourself.
My advice?  Go for it!


Our mission is to create a greater sense of "well-being" in all our patients through an improved smile and increased personal confidence.

  • All treatment is at the patients 'pace' ensuring at all times they are comfortable
  • We are fully aware that some patients are nervous so we listen and address all concerns
  • We talk through all procedures and fully explain treatments
  • See our testimonials that confirm we deliver on our promises


(but perhaps not so fast!)


ChathaSmiles is dedicated to providing the best dental care available. As Principal Dentist I ensure that all treatments at my practice are first class and patient comfort is a primary concern. The testimonials we have received can attest to the fact that we really do practice what we say we will do ... Dr Gee Chatha.

  • Free initial Consultation & treatment plan
  • Interest free finance is available (subject to acceptance & terms and conditions)
  • All patient concerns are fully addressed
  • Dr Chatha has carried out thousands of dental procedures over his career
  • Some of our patients travel from all round the UK to our practice
    (thanks to these people for such a vote of confidence)
  • We can achieve transformational results

Our pricing is competitive in the industry and reflects the cost of providing modern dentistry care. Ongoing training, standards compliance, equipment, premises are hidden costs our patients perhaps don't see.

For a full list of our charges, please see our Prices page

All technology continues to evolve and this includes dental equipment. The good news is that this equipment enables us to carry out better work because diagnostic tools ensure that we can detect problems that may have been previously hidden.

Modern treatment tools also enable us to carry out procedures faster and with better results. ChathaSmiles has invested in modern equipment throughout our practice and we will continue to do so as new techniques and tools are developed.


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Whoever needs a dentist - don't bother going elsewhere, these guys are the best! They didn't just transform my smile and teeth but they impacted my self confidence and belief in myself. Thank you for all your help.
Braces & Veneers
Our star rating
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Extremely professional service, Dr gee was very informative in terms of all the options available to me.

Dr Gee is very passionate about his work and I am over the moon with my results.

I was also very well accommodated with regard to appointments times.
Braces upper & lower
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